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‘Apple’s branding is stronger but our product is better,’ says Huawei exec…

Category : Happennings Apr 25th, 2015

At the UK launch of the TalkBand B2 smartwatch and P8 smartphone, CNET caught up with Richard Yu, CEO of Huawei’s consumer business group, to find out why the Chinese company needs to build trust, and why its wearables are better than Apple’s.

One of Yu’s goals has been to get in on the ground floor of the wearable technology boom. “In smartphones we were three years behind the other vendors and we were joining the industry too late, more than three years late, but smartwatches are just beginning. I told our guys if we start from the beginning we will be the leader for smartwatches. I gave the team a target — no excuse.”

The company has traditionally been known for making cheap devices rather than stylish ones, so three or four years ago Yu made some changes in strategy. “Technology we are good at, but design, in the past, we were not so good at,” he said. “Now we have R&D centres in London and Paris, where we have the best talent in design and fashion.”


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