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What type of client are you?

Category : Happennings Jan 15th, 2018

Nicely written piece by Vandan Chopra, CEO, Foolish…

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vandan chopra

Creativity, for the most part, is a co-created process. The client has just as much a role to play in the eventual outcome, as does the agency that gets to work on it in the first place. In fact, I’ve seen the same people do tremendous advertising on one account, and below average, not worth their portfolio advertising on another account. Below is a list of ‘don’ts and don’ts’, so as to drive the best out of your agency:

1) Mr. ‘You have all the freedom’: While this seems like a great client to have, chances are he’s not doing his own thinking. He’s just giving the agency enough rope to hang themselves with. He’s the guy who will let you do all the thinking, while keeping absolutely mum. But once the final presentation is ready, he’ll suddenly grow a voice and have an opinion. Creative people think best when faced with a business problem. They love to be challenged. However, ‘incremental sales’ or ‘market share dip’ are not the problem. They are the outcomes at best. So, Think.

2) Mr. ‘Due as of yesterday’: There are two reasons why a client behaves this way. Either he is extremely unorganised, or he’s just not the guy calling the shots. In either of the scenarios, your agency is not going to be able to give you the quality you and your brand deserve. If you are him, just one piece of advice. Breathe, and buy a calendar.

3) Mr. ‘Flip today, Flop tomorrow’: You’ve obviously heard the adage, Rome wasn’t built in a day. Neither is a brand. Advertising is driven by a sound process, contrary to what most small/mid-size clients believe. To be out of the box, you need a defined ‘box’. A delirious client is at best changing the box, every chance he gets. And, if unsure, listen.

4) Mr. Mandatories: If you’re not any of the three I’ve mentioned till now, you’re doing good. But that’s the problem with this type of client. They believe that as long as they check all the boxes, they’re doing good. The problem is, the consumer is only impressed with what’s great. Good just doesn’t cut it anymore. So don’t worry about cutting back on the tick-boxes. Give good strategic direction, the mandatories will fall in place.

5) Mr. ‘It needs to go to the 44th floor’: Probably the most perilous of the lot. Not because he has a boss. Who doesn’t? It’s because he will constantly use this to say ‘see, I’m on your side, but I know it’s just not going to go down well with the 44th floor’. The problem really isn’t with the 44th floor ever, it never was. He just doesn’t have the depth of knowledge to be able to have a two-way discussion with the ‘proverbial’ 44th floor. Stand up for what you believe in, and fight for it sometimes!

6) Mr. ‘Crisis Constantly’: When every project is the most important project of the year, you know you’re him. Definitely the most insecure of the lot. He doesn’t believe that anyone in the system, or the agency, will take his work seriously enough and hence escalates every project to crisis mode. Unlike what he believes, the agency too wants to do great work. Give a deadline, and trust your agency.

7) Mr. ‘Calculated Creativity’: Advertising is a business of the hyperbole. But when you start to confuse it with the hyperbola and define the equation the creative ought to fit, you know you’re only going to get to the predetermined point B. You can’t always know the end goal, when in the creative process. You’re looking to sleep better, when you ought to be dreaming.

Agencies and clients alike want what’s best for the brand. Our salaries depend on that sales target that the advertising was set out to achieve. If you are a client and fit into any of the categories outlined above, take a big step back, follow the pointers highlighted above and watch your agency do wonders with your brand. If you’re an agency and are dealing with any of the above, end every e-mail with a link to this page till he gets the hint!

After all, a brand is only as good as it’s weakest link.

(The views and opinions expressed are our own. Maybe be untrue for some and true for many. Our intention is solely to understand the Indian mindset and in no way disregard or disrespect any culture, belief or group. The author is CEO, Foolish)

Credit: Vandan Chopra, CEO, Foolish.

Finally joined the Internet Society!

Category : Deejay's Blog Jul 29th, 2017

Internet Society




Imagine a world where everyone can access and help develop a connected, borderless, limitless Internet that creates opportunity and progress for all.

Have a voice.

Play your part.

Join the community.


So. Finally joined the Internet Society! About time. Hope its not too late.



Health care warriors – Cutting edge technology in EHR right here in Pune, India

Category : Deejay's Blog Jun 16th, 2017

eHealthSystems, Pune is right in the midst of launching their product across the world and India. This is huge for the health care industry and it make me really proud that this company is based out of Pune. The gist of their product pitch is the concept of making available all your healthcare data in an app which can be updated and edited. But that’s not all – eHealthSystem have BIG plans on this product line. They have escalated this into a EHR data platform across all existing legacy systems and have branded it LIVEWIRE.

Here is a brief synopsis of the LIVEWIRE concept. Please do visit for more information and to get in touch with these health warriors!

Health Care – Big Data Streams and Analytics

Unstructured data in healthcare is of gigantic proportions and is growing every day. This data originates from devices, lab and path report, second opinions (even data from medical summits and conferences), clinical data and insurance and financial data. Analytics from this data will go a long way in improving patient care and increasing efficiency, especially in emergencies.

LIVEWIRE - eHealthSystem

LIVEWIRE – eHealthSystem


Healthcare data streams that will benefit from big data and analytics:


  • Electronic Health Record data (EHR): EHRs facilitate a comprehensive sharing of patient data with all healthcare stakeholders and applications. EHRs would be classified as data which includes diagnosis, prescriptions, treatment, lab and path tests and radiology.
  • Organ Donation: Increasingly, we feel the need for data structure in the vertical of organ and cadaver donation.
  • Research: Data relating to clinical trials data, biomedical research data and genomic data.
  • Social: This is data pertaining to the patient’s behavior, sentiment and other personal or observed social data.
  • Medical Device Data: This is all the relevant patient-centric medical device data either from the hospital or from home.
  • Claims: These are the documents that hospitals, clinics and doctors need to submit to insurance companies to get reimbursed. These Claim documents are data intensive and medications, dosage, dates, ICD codes, the ID of the healthcare provider and the cost of the intervention.







Mary Meeker’s Internet Trends Report for 2017 is out!

Category : Deejay's Blog Jun 15th, 2017

Mary Meeker’s Internet Trends Report for 2017 is out!

It’s brilliant because its totally graphic in presentation. The results of this report is fascinating, to say the least. More so for India, in the way that users are adapting and operating online.

Here is a quick analysis of the trends in India.

First, Meeker’s acknowledges that India is the fastest growing economy in the world and No 7 on the World GDP rank.

India GDP growth

India GDP growth

Now this amazing slide with numbers that should really keep you perked up. 27% Internet penetration which is a 28% growth YOY. Thats 355 million users! No 2 behind China. These figures should be an eye opener for the advertising and marketing fraternity. Licking their chops, literally!

Internet penetration in India

Internet penetration in India

Smartphone shipping going through the roof for India in pure numbers but showing negative YOY growth. Feature phone or non-smart phone still constitute a big chunk of the total shipments but that will change for sure in the coming years. Plus the cost of the smartphone has reduced dramatically over the last 5 years which gives credence to the deduction that smartphone sales will keep going up.

Smartphone user base in India

Smartphone user base in India

Data costs have more than halved in the last 3 year and should keep going down as the penetration of smartphones increases every year.

India - wireless data cost

India – wireless data cost


For more interesting data about carriers, consumer data price trends and volume of broadband subscribers in India download Meeker’s PDF here.







The flip side of retargeting…

Category : eCommerce Jun 3rd, 2017

There is though a flip side to retargeting for online customers and visitors. Retargeting, in its very nature, is a one on one advertising campaign. The aim to to keep pursuing the visitor to your website so that the visitor is compelled to revisit your portal and make a purchase.

Remember, there is no one else in this conversation with the person who visited your portal or website. Just you and him. The problem is this – how do you know when to stop targeting your online ads to this person?

Case in point – I wanted to book a hotel room in Kodaikanal for 4 nights in July. I checked out a couple of hotels on as well as trivago. After a couple of days of checking up on the details for some hotels i had short listed I was now being “retargeted” on my visits to the internet across browsers and forums. This retargeting DID help in keeping the name of the Hotel fresh in my subconscious.

A week back I went back online to and booked a hotel after tying up all the loose ends for my trip.

Here’s the problem. The retargeting continues. The algorithm has no way to understand that the “sale” has been done. Now, for most people a trip to Kodaikanal is probably a once in a lifetime visit. Being so far away its definitely not going to be part of my annual holiday destinations, like lets say, Goa.

When does the retargeting algorithmn realise it needs to stop?


Category : eCommerce Jun 3rd, 2017

If you’ve heard of retargeting and think it’s a strategy you want to invest more in, you’re in good company. In the old days of marketing, only the biggest brands could afford to get their messages out to big audiences via mass media vehicles like TV and radio. These days, increased media fragmentation and new tools like retargeting have evened the playing field, allowing mom-and-pop-shops to drive awareness among their target audience even faster than many large brands.
Retargeting provides a huge opportunity to small- and medium-sized businesses, but many marketers aren’t aware of how it works. How do you get started? How do you ensure you’re getting the biggest possible return on your investment? Outdated information about retargeting online can confuse good marketers and keep them unnecessarily sidelined.

What Is Retargeting & Why Is It Beneficial?

If you were to look at your conversion funnel, how often would you find that a first-time visitor visited your website, viewed a product, and then made a purchase all on that first visit? Chances are you’d be lucky if you saw that behavior once.

Making a sale is a process. Studies have shown that up to 98% of your visitors  leave your website without converting. Another study on the conversion funnel by Google found that most of the times, it takes several steps for a user to go from visit to conversion, and it’s actually not uncommon for a visitor to take more than 30 steps before making a purchase!

Retargeting helps you tackle this problem head on. It allows you to target and serve ads only to people who’ve previously visited your website, used your mobile app, or in some cases, visited and bought something from a physical retail location. This means you can be very strategic and efficient about who you’re reaching and where you’re spending your marketing budget. Retargeting provides two primary benefits: It maximizes ROI and keeps you in front of prospects.

Marketers don’t often think of retargeting as a brand-building tool, but this represents a huge missed opportunity. One of the greatest benefits retargeting offers is that it keeps your brand front and center with a targeted audience.

Sometimes you might do this to try to drive a direct response, as we outlined in the section above. Other times, though, it also gives you an opportunity to build up your brand’s familiarity with your target audience and increase the likelihood of a future indirect action like a Google search or an organic site visit.

These indirect effects can be significant. In fact, comScore found that retargeting campaigns led to a 1046% increase in branded search and a 726% lift in site visitation after four weeks of retargeted ad exposure.

It’s a powerful direct response tactic that maximizes ROI. In the environment of conversion funnel chaos mentioned above, no other advertising tactic offers the return that retargeting does. Retargeting offers the most direct and effective means to:

– Reconnect with your highest value targets — people who’ve previously expressed interest in your offerings
– Recapture their attention with an effective, compelling message
– Move them further down the sales funnel

Mobile Marketing: Growth Tactics from Google’s Latest Announcement

Category : Deejay's Blog May 26th, 2017

Google recently made it’s first ever announcement prior to an update in order to inform marketers about the upcoming changes.








As of April 21st, Google will be updating their search algorithm again. But this time, it’s the rankings in mobile search results that will change.

But what exactly will be changing?

“Starting April 21, we will be expanding our use of mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal,” the Google team states on their Webmasters Blog, “This change will affect mobile searches in all languages worldwide and will have a significant impact in our search results. Consequently, users will find it easier to get relevant, high quality search results that are optimized for their devices.”

For more details please read the full article here by Ashtyn Douglas

Ashtyn Douglas
Ashtyn Douglas is a Social Media Team member and B2B marketing content writer at Media, Inc. Her favorite B2B topics include social media, mobile marketing, sales optimization techniques, and content creation. Ashtyn studied Business and Psychology at the University of California, San Diego developing her passions for research and writing. She went on to pursue work in Ad Operations and Social Media for both small and medium-sized businesses. When she doesn’t have her nose in a book or computer screen, you can find her surfing.



Sprinklr Social Hub – must have tool for marketers!

Category : Deejay's Blog May 26th, 2017

Brands need an easy way to facilitate discovery among fans. This involves being able to find, engage with, and submit content in ways that come naturally to them. These social hubs provide an immersive, dynamic way for visitors to explore your brand, products, and services. Social Hubs add credibility to the brand, drive increased conversion, and inspire your audience with the real voices of customers just like them.

Collect and curate the best brand and fan-driven content from across the social web.

Enter Sprinklr.






Have a look at some of their cutting edge tools and analytics. Specially the social hub.

Not to be missed!

Just starting your content marketing career? Here are some resources to bail you out!

Category : Deejay's Blog May 26th, 2017

The two  fundamentals of every successful B2B content marketing strategy: creation and distribution. While this two-step process applies to any content format – white papers, eBooks, reports, video, and infographics – we’re most familiar with it for daily or weekly blog posts. Create a good blog post, then distribute it. Repeat Monday through Friday.

To avoid creative burnout, take time to revitalize the content creation part of your routine blog operation with this great library of resources. And if you’re a new B2B marketer, copywriter or freelance blogger, this curated list will get you started on your first content creation:

Inspirational Resources
“What should I write about?” This conundrum is probably the hardest part of content creation- especially for 1000 word blog posts. You know relevancy to your product, customer, and company are all musts but you’ve already exhausted your area of expertise to it’s bare little bones. Here are some great tools and sites to use to uncover those hidden blog ideas:

Tweak Your Biz Title Generator
Hubspot’s Blog Topic Generator
Google Alerts


I’ve purposely not given a synopsis of the above tools just so you take the effort to find out what they are all about! Go for it and all the best!

Adobe Cleaner for Windows

Category : Deejay's Blog May 8th, 2015
Adobe Cleaner for Windows

For those in the advertising and graphics business here’s a tip. In the many times that one installs and uninstalls…