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HP printer scanner software problem

Category : Deejay's Blog May 8th, 2015

I recently upgraded to Windows 7. Of course I had to re install all the software that I was using. Everything went off smoothly till I tried to install the HP PSC 1315 software. I spent two days of frustating effort and a gazillion google searches. Amazingly, HP themsleves dont have anyone responding to this issue on forums and it is getting HP a lot of brick bats. Any way, whilst installing the software everything goes off smoothly but while one is scanning a image the software just hangs when you click on save. Well, I finally found the solution and again, amazingly, for a huge conglomerate like HP they have the wierdest solution….


For those with the same issue with their HP printers and scanners here is the link –…/HP-Solution-Center-…/td-p/534657