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Just starting your content marketing career? Here are some resources to bail you out!

Category : Deejay's Blog May 26th, 2017

The two  fundamentals of every successful B2B content marketing strategy: creation and distribution. While this two-step process applies to any content format – white papers, eBooks, reports, video, and infographics – we’re most familiar with it for daily or weekly blog posts. Create a good blog post, then distribute it. Repeat Monday through Friday.

To avoid creative burnout, take time to revitalize the content creation part of your routine blog operation with this great library of resources. And if you’re a new B2B marketer, copywriter or freelance blogger, this curated list will get you started on your first content creation:

Inspirational Resources
“What should I write about?” This conundrum is probably the hardest part of content creation- especially for 1000 word blog posts. You know relevancy to your product, customer, and company are all musts but you’ve already exhausted your area of expertise to it’s bare little bones. Here are some great tools and sites to use to uncover those hidden blog ideas:

Tweak Your Biz Title Generator
Hubspot’s Blog Topic Generator
Google Alerts


I’ve purposely not given a synopsis of the above tools just so you take the effort to find out what they are all about! Go for it and all the best!