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The flip side of retargeting…

Category : eCommerce Jun 3rd, 2017

There is though a flip side to retargeting for online customers and visitors. Retargeting, in its very nature, is a one on one advertising campaign. The aim to to keep pursuing the visitor to your website so that the visitor is compelled to revisit your portal and make a purchase.

Remember, there is no one else in this conversation with the person who visited your portal or website. Just you and him. The problem is this – how do you know when to stop targeting your online ads to this person?

Case in point – I wanted to book a hotel room in Kodaikanal for 4 nights in July. I checked out a couple of hotels on as well as trivago. After a couple of days of checking up on the details for some hotels i had short listed I was now being “retargeted” on my visits to the internet across browsers and forums. This retargeting DID help in keeping the name of the Hotel fresh in my subconscious.

A week back I went back online to and booked a hotel after tying up all the loose ends for my trip.

Here’s the problem. The retargeting continues. The algorithm has no way to understand that the “sale” has been done. Now, for most people a trip to Kodaikanal is probably a once in a lifetime visit. Being so far away its definitely not going to be part of my annual holiday destinations, like lets say, Goa.

When does the retargeting algorithmn realise it needs to stop?